I started Cycling Up and Away to share my passion for riding in Santa Barbara with anyone and everyone interested in joining. I'm a native New Yorker that moved to Santa Barbara ten years ago.  Among the multitude of things I've been fortunate enough to discover here, I’m most grateful to have found a love for cycling.  

The road biking in SB is incredible and the ability to ride year round makes this area pretty unique. We don't have an off-season, but rather certain weeks of the year that are a little cooler or a bit cloudier then others. This, to me, is paradise. 

I take guests on the rides I do and show visitors just how special Santa Barbara really is.  Wanting to share this with others is what this company is all about. I want to see people accomplish rides they didn't think they were capable of doing.  I want to see guests glassy-eyed with endorphin-infused exhaustion after a long day on the bike.  I provide a platform for people to make memories and build new relationships.  

I truly believe in the power of the bicycle and how it has the ability to change people's lives forever.  Bikes make people happy.  Bikes can help one become stronger, both physically and mentally.  I have seen the bicycle be a saving grace for those going through hard times. I have felt the bond a challenging ride with others will form. These trips offer a space for my guests to embrace these types of life-affirming opportunities.

And, at the end of the day...it really is all about the bike.   


‘Up and Away’ was created to provide a niche that wasn’t being filled here in Santa Barbara. Top-shelf touring meets five-star service, both on and off the bike.


Cycling Up and Away isn't just another bike touring company.  This company was created to take impeccable care of guests while they are off the bike, as well.  Every rider needs recovery time and we are committed to seeing that it is as enjoyable as it should be.   

As a Licensed Massage Therapist of 13 years, I truly believe in the importance of a massage after a great ride. Taking care of our bodies will undoubtedly make us stronger when we're back out on the road.  Along with a career at the Four Seasons Hotel, I have built a private clientele consisting mainly of endurance athletes and cyclists. My guests will receive the best post-ride bodywork from a few of Santa Barbara's leading Massage Therapists. 

I grew up working in a few of New York's finest restaurants and have been involved in some facet of the hospitality industry since before I can even remember. I know people. I like people. I take care of my guests, making sure they are happy with their experience and that no piece of this is ever compromised.  

I have been fortunate enough to make strong connections with local eateries, wineries, coffee shops and bike shops and ensure my guests enjoy the most top-notch treatment while spending time here.  We will be eating and drinking at some of the most sought-after destinations this little city has to offer.  Trust me, you'll be fully satiated.  You will have earned it.   

How we spend our time when we're not in the saddle reflects how we perform on the bike.  All guests will be replenished, re-energized, rejuvenated and well-rested so the next day's events will be all the more pleasant and memorable.